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Character Study - Victoria from Idhun Chronicles (Reimagined)

Hi! I've been quite busy these last 2 months with a project that I'm gonna be able to show next week, and finally I have the time to post some studies that I did before that.

I grew up with the books series of Idhun Chronicles (Memorias de Idhún) and I always wanted to create some related art. This time I tried to practice some stylized anatomy and rendering.

I wanted to do the character creation for Victoria and then make some keyart, this in specific shows when Victoria is running away from Kirtash in the middle of Madrid and find out that she has more power that initially thought she had. Instinctively she protects herself with a bubble shield from a car that was about to hit her. Unfortunatelly I wasn't be able to finish this frame, but I plan to finish it soone than later.

Hope you like it! If I find the time, I will be making this same thing with the rest of main characters in the saga. I'm quite excited about that, not gonna lie.

See you soon!